Daily Archives: February 19, 2010

If were promoting tourism for New York City…

… I would find a way to use this version of “EMPIRE STATE OF MIND Pt. XXII” by Jay-Z & Alicia Keys, as performed by the so so sweet PS22 Chorus. Watch:

There’s even a short blooper at the end that makes it even that much better. Rock on.

(Tip from @ebertchicago. If you use twitter, you have to follow Roger Ebert.)

Iceholes Celebration Lager: what victory tastes like!

The very smart folks at R & B Brewing Co., have…

“For limited release only… introduce(d) Iceholes Celebration Lager in response to the recent “Don’t be an Ice-Hole” campaign against Canada started by Stephen Colbert, of Comedy Central’s Colbert Report. Barry Benson, co-owner of R&B Brewing Co. says “ We are proud syrup-sucking Canadian iceholes. In celebration of our icehole-ish behaviour we have decided to get even rather than get mad. Canadians can wreak their revenge against Stephen Colbert in a truly Canadian way and have a beer.”

If you are lucky enough to get a bottle — it’s selling fast! — I think this would be a great thing to drink during the Games. Cheers! Suck that syrup, Colbert! 😀

P.S. Yes, I know Colbert is joking around. The Globe and Mail has the details.

Canada at the Winter Olympics

The NYTimes has a great interactive Map of Winter Olympic Medals for The Games Past & Present that shows a visual and tabular distribution of medals by country over the years (1924 to 2010). It’s interesting to watch countries rise and fall in medal dominance over time. For example, in 1988, East Germany had 25 medals, West Germany had 8 and the Soviet Union had 29. Ten years later, Germany had 27 medals and Russia 14.

What I found a nice surprise (as a casual fan of the Olympics) is how well Canada has been progressing over the last decade. In 1988 we were 10th in the standings with 5 medals overall and no gold. In 2006 we were third in the standings, with 24 medals and 7 gold. This year we could do even better. So I patriotically say: Go! Canada! Go! And wish that everyone, from all over the world, has their best performances at these games.