Daily Archives: February 17, 2010

One of the risks of location based services…

…is this: Please Rob Me. Now I don’t think these folks are going to rob anyone, and I think that robbers will use lots of other methods to determine you are home besides twitter…still…it’s not good!

Possible new names for Apple OS X

In response to this article, Is It Time for Apple to Retire the Cats? in Bits Blog on NYTimes.com, someone suggested that Apple still has a way to go with regards to possible names for OS X. Here are some candidates:

“There are 38 types of felines, more than Apple to chose from! (see below)
African Wild Cat
African Golden Cat
Andean Mountain Cat
Bay Cat
Chinese Desert Cat
European Wildcat
Fishing Cat
Geoffroy’s Cat
Jungle Cat
Lynx, Canadian and Eurasian
Pallas Cat
Pampas Cat
Rusty-Spotted Cat
Sand Cat
Exotic Hybrids
Asian Leopard Cat
Black-Footed Cat
Flat-Headed Cat
Iberian Lynx
Irimote Cat
Marbled Cat
Temminck’s Golden Cat
Clouded Leopard
Snow Leopard

I am looking forward to “Clouded Leopard”. Or “Canadian Lynx”! 🙂

How to think about the stimulus bill: as a diet

Let’s say that after a long vacation to some place with fantastic food you gain ten pounds. Hey, it happens (just like the housing bubble). You decide you need to go on a diet and lose those ten pounds. So you lose five pounds, but after than, you get stuck. Do you say, the diet failed? You may, be you would not have lost those five pounds without it. What most smart people would say is: I gotta keep at this diet until I lose those remaining pounds.

Likewise with the stimulus bill. Unemployment in the U.S. is still high to around 10% (there is still a way to go, just like those remain 5 pounds). But without the stimulus bill, unemployment would be higher, just like you would be heavier without the diet. And just like the ten pounds won’t likely go away without some focused effort, so to will the U.S. unemployment problem not go away without some extra effort on the part of all parties: business and government, to create more jobs. If business can do it, that’s best. But if not, government (i.e. the people, not the bureaucrats) will need to do it. Or it won’t get done. Just like those pounds won’t go away on their own.

For more on the stimulus and its effects, see here: Economic Scene – Success of Stimulus Bill Is Noteworthy as Another Is Weighed – NYTimes.com

Image and more on this from Swampland blog.

A great gift idea: customized Sigg Water Bottles

Yep, you can get your own image and include text. Cafepress has everything you need here: Customize your Sigg Water Bottle with your personal style – CafePress Sigg Designer. You have to put up with a fair amount of flash, but the end result could be one cool gift, even if the gift is for you.

(Found at the always cool, SwissMiss).