Daily Archives: February 22, 2010

Toys R Us and their extended warrantee policy

I go to Toys R Us alot. Mostly window shopping with my 7 year old. He gets
things like candy and small toys there, so i get to hear the relentless
promoting of the staff selling their extended warrantee to people.

I am sure this is good business for that company, but the way they push it
really irks me. I have seen them push it for everything, even toys with a 1
year warrantee on the box! Plus i have seen it sold for toys that, frankly,
i would be surprised a child will be playing with much in a month and and a
half, never mind breaking it and wanting it replaced. I have also observed
that the people who do buy it have trouble speaking English and i wondered
if they even realize they know what they are buying.

Tonight i was there and the clerk was trying to sell it to me a PS3 game.
When i told him i didn’t want it and i didn’t want to hear the spiel, he
still insisted on trying to promote the virtues of this. For. 30 dollar
game that costs of a CD!!
I think the way they push this service at Toys R Us is odious. Whenever i
have a chance to take my business elsewhere i will. I hope you do too.

More Brilliant marketing from Smith & Wollensky: trade in your stock for steak!

Brilliant. To capitalize on Wall Street firms paying their employees with stock instead of cash, S&W provides an online stock to steak currency converter where you can type in a stock name (IBM, CIT or as they say, “we’ll even accept GM”) and they will tell you what one of those stocks will fetch you at their fine establishment. If you want to try it out, go to  Smith & Wollensky’s Steak for Stock.

How to identify and deal with negative feedback in social media

Now that people and organizations have been blogging, setting up Facebook groups, and participating in social media generally, they have had an opportunity to gather feedback. And some of that has been and will be negative. Alot of that feedback is valuable and worthwhile responding to. Other feedback (e.g. from trolls) is not worth your while and indeed may have been actively managed.

If you feel this applies to you, read this mashable.com post, HOW TO: Deal With Negative Feedback in Social Media

It’s not what you are doing, it’s what you are doing it for (or the purpose driven life for everyone)

I like this story alot:

Several builders were on a construction site. A visitor asked the first worker what he was doing. The first builder replied, “I’m laying bricks.” The visitor asked the second, who replied, “I’m building a wall.” The visitor asked the third, who proudly answered, “I’m building a cathedral.”

I like this story, too, because I had been thinking something similar when I was doing mundane chores this weekend. At one point I was shopping for groceries, and I thought: I am not shopping for groceries, I am buying good food for my kids to eat so they can be happy and healthy. And later on, when I was cleaning up, I thought: I am not cleaning up, I am providing a clean house and a good example for my kids, so they will know the importance of taking care of things that they are responsible for.

Many daily activities can be boring or tedious, but in the proper context, they can be uplifting and meaningful. It requires just a bit of imagination and vision of what you want your life to be. It’s the purpose driven life, regardless of whether or not you are religious, for we all can aspire to a higher purpose, even if that higher purpose is to be a better parent.

From Sacha Chua’s blog, where you can find lots of good stuff! And great cathedral photo from Mercedes.. Life as I picture it’s photostream on flickr.com.

Toyota boasted saving $100-million on recall

Reading this, I thought of the history of the Ford Pinto. Read Toyota boasted saving $100-million on recall, documents show in The Globe and Mail and tell me if you think differently.

For Toyota’s sake, it would be good if I were in the minority in thinking that way. These new findings will certainly make the path they have to make through the hearings in Washington alot tougher.