It’s not what you are doing, it’s what you are doing it for (or the purpose driven life for everyone)

I like this story alot:

Several builders were on a construction site. A visitor asked the first worker what he was doing. The first builder replied, “I’m laying bricks.” The visitor asked the second, who replied, “I’m building a wall.” The visitor asked the third, who proudly answered, “I’m building a cathedral.”

I like this story, too, because I had been thinking something similar when I was doing mundane chores this weekend. At one point I was shopping for groceries, and I thought: I am not shopping for groceries, I am buying good food for my kids to eat so they can be happy and healthy. And later on, when I was cleaning up, I thought: I am not cleaning up, I am providing a clean house and a good example for my kids, so they will know the importance of taking care of things that they are responsible for.

Many daily activities can be boring or tedious, but in the proper context, they can be uplifting and meaningful. It requires just a bit of imagination and vision of what you want your life to be. It’s the purpose driven life, regardless of whether or not you are religious, for we all can aspire to a higher purpose, even if that higher purpose is to be a better parent.

From Sacha Chua’s blog, where you can find lots of good stuff! And great cathedral photo from Mercedes.. Life as I picture it’s photostream on


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