Daily Archives: February 9, 2010

The world has dramatically changed economically in the last decade – here’s evidence

I found this chart in The Economist to be astounding when I see the changes in GDP shares of the G7 versus the Brics. It’s striking evidence of the shift in purchasing power from the G7 countries (essentially “the West” or the First World) to Russia (the old Second World) and the largest countries of the developing or Third World).

Not your great great great great ……great grandfather’s Dante

Looks like Electronic Arts is not only playing fast and loose with Dante’s Inferno (according to the NYTimes.com) but with Sony and David Jaffe’s games series, God of War. I can’t speak for that series of games, but I do know Dante’s Inferno, so when I read this:

“…images of Virgil spout lines from the poem at you once in a while, and Dante’s ranged weapon appears as crosses of light, but there is no heavy religious imagery and never any real sense of horror or torment. There are, however, a lot of bare female breasts. There is even a giant Cleopatra demon who spurts knife-wielding unbaptized children out of her nipples.”

I wonder: is it likely that this game will get younger people — ok, men — to read Dante? It would be a good thing if it did, but I am doubtful. (And if they do, they will be likely disappointed in the lack of bare nekkid ladies in it.). I am also doubtful if you should get this game. It sounds like God of War is better.

What do you have to do tomorrow? Just the impossible

From The Just and the Unjust by James Gould Cozzens. I am aware of this quote from my copy of The Practical Cogitator (page 115). It’s a great quote from a great anthology:

“In the present, every day is a miracle. The world gets up in the morning and is fed and goes to work, and in the evening it comes home and is fed again and perhaps has a little amusement and goes to sleep. To make that possible, so much has to be done by so many people that, on the face of it, it is impossible. Well, every day we do it; and every day, come hell, come high water, we’re going to have to go on doing it as well as we can.”

“So it seems,” said Abner.

“Yes, so it seems,” said Judge Coates, “and so it is, and so it will be! And that’s where you come in. That’s all we want of you.”

Abner said, “What do you want of me?”

“We just want you to do the impossible,” Judge Coates said.