Daily Archives: February 20, 2010

Something great to read this weekend: the best of 2009 Journalism

Conor Friedersdorf at True/Slant has put together a list with a summary of the best journalism (with links) for 2009. Just reading the summaries makes me want to read most of them. Check them out. (Via Andrew Sullivan).


Melanie Fiona sings sweet, works harder

Melanie Fiona  sings well and looks even better.  But what really impresses me  is how many approaches she takes with her material. She can go from vampy to soulful to 60s girl group (like this video) and more. For instance, here she is performing You Stop My Heart Valentines Day Version

and here she performs a very fun version and unplugged in the Staircase version of “GIVE IT TO ME RIGHT”

and finally here she is singing Monday Morning at MOD Club in Toronto last July

These are just a few examples. Check out more of her on YouTube and see for yourself.

I think she is going to be big, soon.