Daily Archives: February 12, 2010

Understanding what drives Microsoft

I think this surprising chart says it all:

What drives Microsoft is Windows and Office. Still.

I am surprised by a few things on this chart. First, I thought Office was the real cash cow at Microsoft, but it looks like Office is returning less these days. I also was surprised by the spike in Profit from Windows, but this is likely to do with Windows 7 sales likely shooting up. Finally, I am surprised at just how little Entertainment and Devices add to the bottom line. I guess XBOX is not that profitable. (Never mind Zunes!)

You can also imagine how the profit from Office and Windows allows Microsoft to continue to explore such services as Bing. While Bing may not be profitable, it may be increasingly bringing in revenue. That might be enough for now.

While this increase in profit, I guess Ballmer is safe for now.

From CHART OF THE DAY: In Case You Had Any Doubts About Where Microsoft’s Profit Comes From

On how influential you – yes! You! – are

As a parent, I am very aware of how much influence I have over my kids. I
try to see my behavoir from their viewpoint and shape my actions to (I
hope) have a strong positive effect.

I took this way of thinking and applied it to my everyday life recently. To
examine how much influence I might have, I thought about how others
influence me. How they act, how they carry themselves, even how they
present themselves. I realized that people have a significant influence on
me once I started to think about it. Courteous people, friendly people, and
other people with positive attributes all affect me in a positive way. I
feel better about my day, my world. Negative people tend to do the
opposite. Now this influence is not all powerful, and it affects people
differently, but is is not negligable. Given this, I have endeavoured to
try to project in a positive way as best as I can, and I encourage you to
do so too. For you have alot more influence than you may think. Use your
influence wisely.

(This was hacked together on my Blackberry. Thanks for reading it)

Awesome: Smokey Robinson and Jennifer Hudson perform “People Get Ready”

I like Jennifer Hudson alot. And I love “People Get Ready”. Combine that with Smokey Robinson, whose artistry I practically worship, and you have one great duet. Here they are, for “In Performance at the White House: A Celebration of Music From the Civil Rights Movement”, Jennifer Hudson and Smokey Robinson performing “People Get Ready”.

That just made my week.