Toys R Us and their extended warrantee policy

I go to Toys R Us alot. Mostly window shopping with my 7 year old. He gets
things like candy and small toys there, so i get to hear the relentless
promoting of the staff selling their extended warrantee to people.

I am sure this is good business for that company, but the way they push it
really irks me. I have seen them push it for everything, even toys with a 1
year warrantee on the box! Plus i have seen it sold for toys that, frankly,
i would be surprised a child will be playing with much in a month and and a
half, never mind breaking it and wanting it replaced. I have also observed
that the people who do buy it have trouble speaking English and i wondered
if they even realize they know what they are buying.

Tonight i was there and the clerk was trying to sell it to me a PS3 game.
When i told him i didn’t want it and i didn’t want to hear the spiel, he
still insisted on trying to promote the virtues of this. For. 30 dollar
game that costs of a CD!!
I think the way they push this service at Toys R Us is odious. Whenever i
have a chance to take my business elsewhere i will. I hope you do too.


One response to “Toys R Us and their extended warrantee policy

  1. smartpeopleiknow

    I reposted this from my posterous blog: it was originally published many weeks ago. However I went to Toys R Us this weekend and the staff tried to sell me a $2.99 replacement plan on a toy that costs $5.99. Really! I mean, other than ridiculous, I don’t know what else there is to add.

    For valuable toys, I think it could be a great thing. But that is pushing it too far.

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