Iceholes Celebration Lager: what victory tastes like!

The very smart folks at R & B Brewing Co., have…

“For limited release only… introduce(d) Iceholes Celebration Lager in response to the recent “Don’t be an Ice-Hole” campaign against Canada started by Stephen Colbert, of Comedy Central’s Colbert Report. Barry Benson, co-owner of R&B Brewing Co. says “ We are proud syrup-sucking Canadian iceholes. In celebration of our icehole-ish behaviour we have decided to get even rather than get mad. Canadians can wreak their revenge against Stephen Colbert in a truly Canadian way and have a beer.”

If you are lucky enough to get a bottle — it’s selling fast! — I think this would be a great thing to drink during the Games. Cheers! Suck that syrup, Colbert! 😀

P.S. Yes, I know Colbert is joking around. The Globe and Mail has the details.


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