Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt do coffee

I loved this photo from…well you guess…

Gizmodo has a post on the body language of the two men which is interesting, even if I am skeptical of it, here. What I thought was interesting is that Steve Jobs dresses in a black shirt, jeans and running shoes ALL THE TIME! I thought he just did that for big presentations. I guess he finds it simplifies his life. I also thought it interesting that they are just hanging out in a coffee shop (Starbucks?) just like the rest of us. No big fancy schmantzy board room meeting somewhere. Maybe they accidentally ran into each other! (“Steve?” “Eric!” “Steve! Let’s have a coffee and talk shop!” :))

3 responses to “Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt do coffee

  1. If it is a PS job it’s pretty good. I saw the other image on Gizmodo convincing but I’m skeptical as well. Job’s is like a rock star and both are pretty well know for that matter, just to meet at a Starbucks for a cuppa…Would be nice to think that they would meet like this or even could meet like this. Still think if they do it would be under some corporate roof somewhere.

  2. As Spock would say, “Fascinating” (sorry, we just watch the latest Star Trek movie on Bluray).

  3. smartpeopleiknow

    Good comments!! As it is, here’s some background on the photo:

    I am guessing that in Palo Alto, people see IT stars like Jobs and Schmidt more than we imagine, and like it says, they are regulars.

    I also noticed that no one is sitting next to them. Either it was a slow time or the outside area was cleared for them.

    Keep an eye out for new Apple/Google developments! 🙂

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