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How you can make any room look great regardless of how little money you have: think monochrome

Simple. See this room:

I think you can make any room give a big impression by sticking with one colour and painting it that. White obviously looks great, but any neutral colour would also work. You could also pick a more vibrant colour, but then it gets trickier.

Most of the things in this room are low cost: shelves, stools, rug, fridge. The overall impression is greater because it is all white.

From 2 or 3 things i know

How to be alone and how to be famous at the same time

This superb video by fiilmaker, Andrea Dorfman, and poet/singer/songwriter, Tanya Davis addresses the first point. According to the artists, “Davis wrote the beautiful poem and performed in the video which Dorfman directed, shot, animated by hand and edited. The video was shot in Halifax, Nova Scotia and was produced by Bravo!FACT http://www.bravofact.com/

You can see it here:

And find it here on YouTube – How To Be Alone

Not only is it a superb video, but it is also a video with quite alot of views. For the story behind that, see this blog post, Viral solitude – updated  at the always good Contrarian blog.

All in all, some excellent work by fellow Nova Scotians. As much as anything about the video, the N.S. settings, both inside and outl, made me homesick.

A Simple Idea, and an Simple Project = Something Smart

What am I talking about? Mini-goal chalkboards! You can see a number of them here at the always delightful blog, oliveloaf design.

Go to a dollar store, buy some paint, brushes, and small chalkboards with chalk, and soon you can have your own version.
So add that to your list of two things to do today:

  1. buy supplies to make your own mini goal chalkboard
  2. make your own mini goal chalkboard

See? Already you are having a productive day!

More great commentary on Inception at Slate

Jonah Weiner at Slate Magazine has a great review of Inception (How to make sense of all those dreams-within-dreams in Inception) that does a great job of tackling some of the criticisms of the film. If you’ve seen the film, and then read the reviews, I recommend you read his review. He nicely takes them to task.

And then there is this smart comment of his:

If there’s an element in Inception that mitigates the bleakness, it’s the giddy way in which Nolan pilfers from cinema history. The alpine showdown and Mombassa street chase are straight out of James Bond and Jason Bourne. The deathbed set in Robert Fischer’s unconscious recalls the Star Trek holodeck. The zero-gravity fight scenes evoke both The Matrix and 2001: A Space Odyssey. The spectral wife, Mal, haunts our hero like Hari in Solaris. Added up, Inception is something of a love letter to some of Nolan’s favorite films, and his extracting, forging, architecting heroes are not simply culture-bludgeoned victims, but emblems of that liberated Postmodern figure, the remixer, who bends and subverts mass culture to his will.

The more I think about the film, the more I am starting to think that it is a masterpiece that will be talked about and analyzed for time to come.

How Sarah Palin and her team manage her Facebook account

John Dickerson and his team at  Slate Magazine   have done an impressive review of how well Sarah Palin and her team manage her Facebook page in order to present her best side, so to speak. I was impressed not only by the analysis, but by the effort Palin and company put into the managing of comments on the page. Whatever you think of Sarah Palin and her politics, you should look at what her folks are doing. Just like Obama did during the last Presidential campaign, she is serious about social media, and it shows.

On Inception and Privacy

The film Inception has alot of ideas, but one I don’t hear people talking about is the notion of privacy. After all, what the characters are doing is an extreme case of invasion of privacy. There is alot to think about when you watch the film, but when you watch it, think of that, too.

For other thought on How to think about privacy, check out the rough notes I jotted down after reading Mark Zuckerberg say The Age of Privacy is Over, here on this blog, Smart People I Know.


See Inception. Read this. Then see it again.

Over at Slate is a great article — actually, it’s more a great conversation — by people with their own theories Inception. (Brow Beat : Five Ways of Looking at Inception)

While I like what the author, Nina Shen Rastogi, has put together as a list of ways to think about the movie, I highly recommend you also read through the comments. They are insightful, and the debate and discussion going on in that section is really good (unlike the commentary on alot of other sites).

Afterwards you may want to go back and give the film another look. I have seen it twice now and reading this article and the comments makes me want to go back and see it again.

P.S. There is talk about there being alot of material taken out of the movie: if so, that could make for a fantastic DVD when it comes out.

P.S.S. While the film is very intelligent in terms of content, it is a great film in cinematic terms, too. Here’s a trailer.