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How to replace your office PC with an iPad (Hint: the Cloud helps)

This good article at itbusiness.ca has a run down of someone who is describing how to replace your office PC with an iPad.

Their conclusion is this:

It’s clear the iPad is not a perfect replacement for a laptop (or desktop PC). The connectivity issues create hassles that will slow workplace adoption, and the constrained data exchange and poor cloud-apps compatibility will restrict iPad business usage to basic office productivity work and, via thin clients or where specialty iOS apps exists, to niche field-force usage such as for hospital staff, construction foremen, and the like.

In my opinions, just like netbooks, the feasibility of this all depends on your use of the PC. I believe that if you use a device for accessing the Web and are good with using Cloud based apps like Google docs or Zoho, then you can go along way with an iPad as your main PC. The more you depend on installed software, the less likely this becomes as an option. For now.

Yoga for people who think they can’t do yoga

If you think you can’t do yoga, then check out this video. Even the most inflexible of you might find you are able to become more flexible after this:

YouTube – Yoga for People Who Hate Stretching

American isolationalism and the Kochs: from the John Birch society to the Tea Partiers

It’s interesting to see in this piece by Dave Weigel (Weigel : Sharia Today, Sharia Tomorrow, Sharia Forever) that a large percent of people believe President Obama wants to impose Sharia law on Americans. This got me thinking to how this is not all that different than some of the fears older Americans had with communists and the U.N. and the imposition of outside laws on Americans. Americans are proud of their laws and their Consistution, but right wing Americans have always had a fear of outsiders taking that away. Indeed, if you think of organizations like the John Birch society that “is against “one world government“, and has an immigration reduction view on immigration reform. It opposes the United Nations, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), and other free trade agreements. The society argues that there is a devaluing of the U.S. Constitution in favor of political and economic globalization, and that this trend is not an accident. It cites the existence of the Security and Prosperity Partnership as evidence of a push towards a North American Union.[8]” (taken from Wikipedia’s description of the J.B.S.). For some on the American right, the enemy keeps shifting, much like in “1984”, but the idea is the same: keep America free and isolated.

What is interesting is that Fred Koch, founder of Koch Industries, was a founding member of the John Birch society many years ago. Now according to this article in the New Yorker, two of the Koch brothers who own the current Koch Industries conglomeration, are waging war against Obama and funding opponents of climate change and the Tea Partiers, among other right wing groups. In seeing this, it also appears that the enemy keeps shifting, but the supporters of it also remain the same.