Daily Archives: August 15, 2010

Pixar, Dreamworks and the rise of the family film

The family film is ascendent. Pixar and Dreamworks Animation are very successful in creating works to appeal to all ages. And a synopsis of this rise can be seen in this article: Is a multiplex full of family films the future of moviegoing? | 24 Frames | Los Angeles Times.

To me, it is something I had been expecting for over a decade. I remember taking my daughter to see Madeline (1998) and thinking: there should be more movies to take my kid to, but there wasn’t. After all, every kid film brings in at least two people, and there will likely be snacks, too. And then there are the DVD rentals, the toys, etc. Lots of ways to make money in a way you can’t with other types of film. Indeed, now we have 3D movies (that charge more) that will drive sales of 3D entertainment centers all home. All that show business driven by kids movies.

It looks like Hollywood finally figured it out. Now there are LOTS of fims for families and kids, as the article shows. And for now, it looks like this will continue to increase. Will it increase until most films are family films? Will parents stop taking their kids to movies? It will depend how greedy the movie business gets. It’s still an affordable form of activity to participate in with your kids, but if that were to change, parents might forgo going to the cinema for some other form of cheaper entertainment.

Time has not been good for the movie business. It’s lasted alot longer than vaudeville, but if vaudeville is any lesson to the movies (or radio or even TV), it’s that nothing is guaranteed to last forever. Sad for me to say, not even the cinema.

(Link to the lamp icon comes from the Pixar Corporate Overview page. )