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The brilliant animation of RSA animate on the secret power of time

THIS is a brilliant video. First off, the animation itself is remarkable. Secondly the talk itself,  by Philip Zimbardo is fascinating. He explores how people think about time affects the way they live and how well they do in life. He generalizes that people tend to be past, present or future oriented, and that makes a big difference in terms of your behavoir and outlook on life.

But don’t read me: watch (and read) the video

And check out more videos from  RSA Animate on Youtube

Summary of payments – my thoughts on the new spam

You should be aware that a new type of spam is coming out. It will look something like the email below. You will see a number of elements in common:
1) it is written in a bland, business-like way. No aggressive huckstering for …well, crap. Instead, it is more like an FYI
2) an attached file. That’s the problem right there. Chances are there is either some form of advertisement, or worse, some form of virus.

I suspect this is the latest trend because it is hard for anti-virus filters to detect and stop this spam.

Needless to say, mark it as spam and delete it as soon as possible.

—– Forwarded by Bernie Michalik/xxx/yyy on 08/13/2010 10:53 AM —–

"Lucile Dorsey" <triflerwnxk6@recael.com>

08/13/2010 09:35 AM

Summary of payments


Attached are two files showing the amounts paid this past year.
The files are in Lotus 1-2-3 but I think you can open these in Excel or the Open office spread sheet.
This is working very nicely.

Lucile Dorsey