Daily Archives: August 26, 2010

Kodachrome in the silent movie era

Kodak ended it’s famous Kodachrome film in 2009, after making it for 74 years. Here’s a video of some of the earliest uses of it, from 1922:

To give you some perspective, here is a List of American films of 1922 from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. As you can see, at that time the main actors were Valentino, Buster Keaton, and Mary Pickford. We’re talking the very early days of film: black and white and silent. That makes this video all the more remarkable.

(Found at kottke.org)


Worry isn’t work….Work is the manifestation of value

So says Dan Pallotta at Harvard Business Review online. And he’s right. Too many people I know stress about things at work, instead of producing value. If you are providing me with a service, I don’t know if you provided it while singing a happy tune or were miserable the whole time, worried I wouldn’t like it. I would prefer you were happy about doing it, but what I am mainly concerned about is that you provide good service. Most people are that way, including the people you work for. So do good work, but being miserable about it is optional and in fact likely results in worse work, which we all do care about.