Daily Archives: January 1, 2011

New Year’s Resolution: change your room

This will be old hat to the pros who do this for a living, but for the rest of us,this post: Before & After(s): 1 Bedroom, 5 Different IKEA Makeovers | Apartment Therapy Chicago, really shows how changing a few things in a room can make a big difference. Here’s just two of the five:


You can make it a game: spot the differences from one room to the next. As you do, you can see how changing bed covers, pillows, curtains, to name a few, can make a dramatic change. (Of course painting the walls could make a huge change as well.)

Sometimes one of the best way to change for the better is to change your environment for the better.

The Flash

I was always a fan of the Flash. Not sure why he hasn’t gotten a movie deal yet. 🙂