Daily Archives: January 27, 2011

Junya Watanabe

Brilliant designs, I thought. Junya Watanabe is Japanese and used to work for Rei Kawakubo at Comme des Garçons. Not surprising then to see clothes like this, though I am surprised how the elements are both common and unique.

More great photos over at The Sartorialist.


The value of people over 50

Dan Palotta at hbr.org has a good blog post on The Value of People Over 50 within organizations. It is a good read, as are the comments. Highly recommended.

My general take is that at every age, there are benefits and drawbacks to employees. Furthermore, the assumptions people make about employees and age are based often on assumptions or worse, prejudice. People should find out what it is that motivates employees, regardless of their age, and work with that to get the best out of them, regardless of how old – or young – they are.

The Beauty of Indian Block Printing

A beautiful film of a craft the produces beautifully printed fabric. Highly recommended.

Thanks to West Elm for this video on YouTube – India Block Printing

You are wonderful

I love this image: the phrase is simple and lovely and it was created from newsprint and pasted on rusted metal. Be we ever so rusted and tarnished, we are also wonderful in our own way.

I stole this from the always inspiring, oliveloaf design blog. It is wonderful too, and I recommend you go there and see.

Where to eat in Toronto? Follow Annie English and find out

Annie English is a colleague of mine who blogs about her and her husband’s Dining Experiences in Toronto. Anyone who likes to eat in Toronto restaurants should follow her blog. I always find good advice from her, and I like the way she writes about places.

Dig in! And bon appetit.