Daily Archives: January 12, 2011

Music to uplift you on bitter winter nights as you trudge through the snow

When snow falls at night: James Joyce. John Huston. The finale of “The Dead”.

Whenever I stare at the snow falling past my window at night, I think of this deceptively powerful finale scene from John Huston’s The Dead, adapted from James Joyce. I say deceptive, because when the film came out, some critics faintly criticized Huston for lifting the words directly from Joyce for the final voiceover. But I think this was brilliant on the part of Huston. The words are a masterpiece, of course, but by having the voiceover, Huston is able to assemble a brilliant montage of impressionistic scenes of snowfall at night. The voiceover allows him to escape the narrative and weave together beautiful imagery that melds beautiully with the words. It is masterful in its own right.

See for yourself.