Daily Archives: January 4, 2011

The history of Toronto

BlogTO has a great set of photo essays showing some of the visual history of Toronto. I liked this one of Toronto of the 1890s. I was amazed by this photo:

University Avenue, now lined with large buildings and hospitals, is lined with trees back then.

Here’s the view from the other end of the Avenue:


Go to BlogTO and at the bottom of that post you can get the photo essays by decade.

Another good thing to do in 2011: use RSS

Why? Because you will get alot more out of the Internet if you do, as Seth Godin very well explains in his post: In defense of RSS. If you are looking for a feed to test it out on, may I recommend my own? It’s http://smartPeopleIKnow.wordpress.com/feed And while you are at it, add Seth’s too. You will be glad you did.

Indeed, for any blog on WordPress.com, you can get the feed for it by tacking on “/feed” to the end of the blog’s URL. Relatedly, most online news sources have lots of RSS feeds you can use. Once you start looking, you will see them everywhere.

And if you have a Gmail account, you can use http://reader.google.com as your RSS feed reader, though in truth, there are many such tools out there. Ask your friends and co-workers what they use and go with what you think will work best for you.