Daily Archives: January 19, 2011

One Great TTC poster by Jonathan Guy

Can be purchased here: jonathanguy — TTC – Found Type Poster 24×36.

This would be a great gift for any homesick Torontoian! Or fans of the Toronto subway line or subways generally.

The $100 burger – is it worth it?

The folks at eye weekly did some investigative journalism to see if the m:brgr’s $100 burger is really worth that much.

Given the ingredients themselves add up to around $62, I would argue that it is from a financial point of view.  Overall I think it is a ridiculous dish for people with lots of money and no good sense or taste. But check out the article and see for yourself.

Great food ideas at poppycock

There are lots of great things at the blog poppytalk, but I really like the recipes featured in the section Yummy Treats. For example, this soup

And here’s the recipe for this Lentil, Bean & Chard Soup. Yummy indeed.

A brilliant idea for a clothing rack – from nature to furniture

Can be found on this blog with this post: love aesthetics: DIY branche clothing rack

It reminds me of Art Nouveau in that it takes natural elements and transform them into furniture, althoughthis branch is very rustic.

Brilliant. (Thanks to another great blog, poppytalk, for the lead.)

On speaking with conviction

This is brilliant.

From Jen O – A Room of My Own’s blog.

Winter and memory

I was surfing around YouTube, finding clips of TV and music long past that remind me of winter and more. Things loved, long gone. For memory and winter are related.

YouTube – Northern Exposure – Joel goes back to New York

YouTube – Due south Opening

YouTube – Holly Cole sings on Due South

YouTube – John Mayer – Wheel

Mid week / mid winter music

YouTube – Sting – Gabriel’s Message