Daily Archives: January 7, 2011

Things age very quickly when it comes to technology. Watch.

Not only is technology rapidly changing, it is rapidly dying too. Witness modern day French students trying to figure out technologies from the 1980s! They do well with some things, but the 8 track stumps them!

Via my IBM colleague Eric Andersen (eric_andersen) on Twitter.  If you only want to follow a few people on twitter, Eric should be one of those people. I learn alot from his twitter feed each and every day.

Scott Shumann – The Sartorialist – artist

There is a great documentary here on the photographer and blogger, Scott Shumann, who is responsible for one of the best blogs on the Internet: The Sartorialist.

I had the pleasure of meeting him in Toronto recently when he was here promoting his book that featured work from his blog. He was very gracious and stayed for along time to meet and be photographed with everyone who came out to meet him, including me (one of the last ones). For anyone who appreciates photography or fashion or social media, I highly recommend his book and his blog.

You can find his blog here: The Sartorialist. And you can find his book on Amazon here: The Sartorialist (9780143116370): Scott Schuman.

(Found via Kottke.org)

Midweek Music – Two Door Cinema Club: Something Good Can Work

From the superb YouTube Channel: thealternateside907.

Check out that channel: there’s dozens of great live performances from a wide variety of bands.