Daily Archives: May 6, 2011

Sandra Boynton comes to the iPad and why that is good and bad

Sandra Boynton makes great kids books. Now they have been turned into apps for your iPhone/Touch/iPad! And at a very good price, too. I think this is great: more kids and parents should know about these great works and enjoy them.

What I don’t think is great is how I see this child interacting with the “book”:

What I loved about the books of Sandra Boynton is that they are books: I spent many a time reading them to my kids, and then having my kids read them. In the video, the book is turned into a toy, and the reading aspect seems to be downplayed. This is not to fault the app, and it is certainly not the only way to enjoy the book, Moo Baa La La La! from Loud Crow Interactive Inc. But it would be a terrible shame if parents, instead of reading the books to their child, just handed the iPad to them instead. And it would be worse if the child played with the app rather than practiced their reading skills.

Parents, read to your kids, and make sure your kids read too.