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Well, no wonder no one was swept up in the Rapture this weekend! This helpful chart explains

Found on Will you be Raptured? [flowchart] – Holy Kaw!

How Wouldn’t It Be Nice of the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds was made: brilliantly

While I know Pet Sounds is one of the greatest albums of all time, and I know it sounds brilliant, until I watched this video, I never appreciated how rich and complex it was. Well worth studying to better appreciate Brian Wilson, the Beach Boys, and Pet Sounds.

Nowadays everyone would be recorded on a separate track, but back then even a four track recording (like Sgt. Pepper) was a big thing. Hence you see these photos of all the musicians in the studio.

YouTube – Behind The Sounds: Wouldn’t It Be Nice

The new Money: nowadays, anyone can create money, especially criminals

Awhile ago I wrote this post, The end of the old money and the creation of the new money and I concluded

The money supply is already alot more complicated than it was decades ago. It is going to get even more so. Welcome to the new money.

Turns out that this complication is happening now, according to this: Prepaid cards attract money launderers. I am not surprised crooks are in on this. It’s one thing for Starbucks or even Walmart to create money this way, but it was only a matter of time before it was put to more nefarious uses. And money laundering is only the start of our problems, I suspect.

The Brooklyn-Manhattan Spat :)

swissmiss had this funny “Dear John” letter from Brooklyn to Manhattan:

While that’s great, so are the comments in the post, with people taking on the parts of “Manhattan” or “Brooklyn” writing the breakup letters.  Go to the link and read them all for a good laugh.