Daily Archives: May 11, 2011

It’s David Hume’s 300th birthday! (Ok, I am a few days late, even for this. Still…)

The great philosopher David Hume was born in 1711, 300 years ago, and he is birth is being celebrated everywhere. You can find out a summary of who he was here (David Hume in 3 Minutes … For His 300th Birthday, at Open Culture) or you can look him up in Wikipedia, but much more fun is watching this 3 minute cartoon on him:

And if you go to this link (YouTube – Three Minute Philosophy – David Hume) you can find a number of other three minute philosophy videos that can get you some basic and fun knowledge. Epistomology FTW!

If you are near a Selfridges and you love Coca-Cola, you have to check this out…

It’s fresh Coke in the first bottle Coca-Cola used 125 years ago! As the Selfridges web site says:

In celebration of Coca–Cola’s 125th year anniversary, the very first vintage Coca–Cola bottle–the Hutchinson–has been reproduced. This collector’s item comes in a special anniversary box.

More details here. Not bad for £1.99.