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What do you get when you take 37440 pictures of the sky at night? Something incredible

There’s a great story about how Nick Risinger ended up taking all those photographs and you can find it here: The night sky in 37,440 exposures – Yahoo! News. But what really impressed me is the interactive display of the sky here at Skysurvey.org.

You really have to see it to believe it. Take your time, make it full screen and practice zooming in and out. It’s an incredible view of the sky.

It’s also like something from the science fiction film, Blade Runner, where the main character takes a photograph and is able to zoom in and out of what seems to be an ordinary picture.

Stop reading me and go see for yourself.

The latest NYC fitness craze: ballet exercise (and why I don’t think much of it)

I am a strong proponent of women exercising and participating in some form of physical fitness, be they 6 or 106. That said, there is something about this article, At Ballet Workouts, Getting That Dancer Physique – NYTimes.com, that made me think this new fitness trend is less about good physical fitness and more about being ahead of everyone else. Maybe it’s the name dropping and the other things in the article that whispered exclusivity  (“Upper East Side”, exercise only the strongest can do) that made me discount it. Plus the entire article is more like an advertisement than a story.

Read it yourself and judge (and feel free to argue with/berate me if I got it wrong).

Can’t decide what wine to buy in an liquor store in Canada? There’s an app for that

Not just an app for iPhone or iPod Touch, but BlackBerry and other smartphones too. It from  Natalie MacLean, and the feedback on iTunes has been very positive. It also looks great and seems to have a comprehensive listing of wines. The perfect thing for those times when you get to the store and you think: should I get the same thing I always buy, or should I go for something different and if so, what?

Did I mention the app is Free? A free app that also will save you from buying bad wine you hate and helping you find great value you didn’t know was there. Sounds great! I’m looking forward to trying it on my Touch.

For more details, see Mobile App | Natalie MacLean

How to deal with attackers of Serrano’s work: turn them into performance artists

Andres Serrano’s “Piss Christ” was attacked again, and as you can see, it is terribly damaged:

Kyle Chayka at Hyperallergic.com raises a good question:

Will the attacked print be like Duchamp’s “Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors” and become a new piece of art with the broken glass? It almost looks like a halo.

I think this is a great idea.

This idea also got me thinking that perhaps Serrano should make copies of the image, put sharp tools and hammers in front of it, and invite religious groups on a regular basis to come down and destroy the copy, thereby turning the copy and themselves into a form of performance art. Even as they are attacking a work of art, they become another one.

Liberalism at it’s worst: trying to understand and give a voice to neo-Nazis (Julie Platner/Nytimes.com/LENS blog)

I am a big fan of the NYTimes.com Lens blog. The photographs are always great, including Julie Platner’s photos of American Neo-nazis. But when I look at what she writes here, Julie Platner Describes Her Coverage of Jeff Hall, the Slain National Socialist Movement Leader – NYTimes.com, it makes my skin crawl.

While the circumstances of their lives may be difficult, what they turn to is terrible and what they hope to achieve is just as terrible. They may seem pitiable because of their size and their means, but the same can be said about scorpions. And they would just as soon deny the human voices of the people they hate and would put down and make suffer.

I’d be very interested in hearing the voices of others in similar circumstances that either turn away from or ultimately reject the beliefs of neo-Nazis. Those are the people whose voices we should hear and who are deserving of a photo spread in the NYTimes.com LENS blog. Not these people.

More smart marketing from Coca-Cola (and O&M)

Talk about taking the lemons life gives you and making lemonade! Coke converts a traffic jam into a drive-in movie! Brilliant.

Sure, it is marketing, but it is also something that got me (and likely many more people) thinking. Why should problems like traffic jams be treated as something that has to be suffered through? It would be best not to have them, but if you are are going to have problems like traffic, why not think of ways to make the situation pleasant?