Liberalism at it’s worst: trying to understand and give a voice to neo-Nazis (Julie Platner/ blog)

I am a big fan of the Lens blog. The photographs are always great, including Julie Platner’s photos of American Neo-nazis. But when I look at what she writes here, Julie Platner Describes Her Coverage of Jeff Hall, the Slain National Socialist Movement Leader –, it makes my skin crawl.

While the circumstances of their lives may be difficult, what they turn to is terrible and what they hope to achieve is just as terrible. They may seem pitiable because of their size and their means, but the same can be said about scorpions. And they would just as soon deny the human voices of the people they hate and would put down and make suffer.

I’d be very interested in hearing the voices of others in similar circumstances that either turn away from or ultimately reject the beliefs of neo-Nazis. Those are the people whose voices we should hear and who are deserving of a photo spread in the LENS blog. Not these people.


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