Daily Archives: May 28, 2011

May I recommend: the photography of Solange Noir

My friend Solange is a fine photographer, and she is selling her photographs here: Solange Noir Photography.

I particularly like this one:

But there is a lot of good work there, all at very good prices. I highly recommend you go there and buy something. Let’s face it: that wall you have in your living room is crying out for some good artwork. Here’s your solution.

How to sell your self published book? Lina Scheynius has some good ideas

While you can try to go through someone like Amazon to do this, I like what Lina Scheynius has done. She uses PayPal for the collection of money, which doesn’t surprise me. What she also does is create YouTube videos like this

That way you can see what the book looks like before you buy it. Smart! And given that she has sold out a number of her books, it’s very smart indeed.

Obviously you need to have great content, and she does. Once you have that, capitalize on existing tools to take care of all the boring essential part of making it easy for people to buy what you made.