How does the media research the news? With the same tool everyone else uses! Google!

There is a good story about the press and Prince Harry over here at the A Soldier Prince and the Secret Kept by Fleet Street – New York Times

What I thought was interesting was that:

‘Every morning for 10 weeks, Bob Satchwell typed the words “Prince Harry” and “Afghanistan” into Google, and every morning, the top result was the same: “Prince Harry Is Forbidden To Fight Alongside Soldiers In Afghanistan.”

Mr. Satchwell was relieved; as the executive director of the Society of Editors in Britain, he had brokered a top-secret agreement to keep the prince’s presence in Afghanistan out of the cutthroat British papers and off the airwaves to reduce the chances that the prince or his fellow soldiers would become special targets of enemy fighters.’

Essentially the head of a press society in Britain relies on Google just like the rest of us. And why not? He likely has many means at his disposal to find out such information, but he chooses to go with the best one.

(Image from wikipedia)


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