How to find the latitude and longitude of a location using Google Maps

I found this tip at Very handy. You can also use it to find other useful information. As the forum said:

1. I open Google Maps to the vicinity of where I would like coordinates.
2. I use my right click mouse button and select “center map here” from the drop down button.
3. I past this javascript code that I keep saved somewhere convenient on my computer into my browser’s URL address window.

Here’s the code: javascript:void(prompt(”,gApplication.getMap().getCenter()));

4. I click the “go to the address in the location bar” button usually to the right of the address.
5. A popup appears showing the coordinates of the center of the map like this: (43.60336, -110.7362)
6. I right click on the coordinates the copy and click either “OK” or “Cancel”
7. I then paste the coordinates into google’s “search maps” text box, remove the parenthesis and click “Search Maps”
8. A popup appears with a marker for the centered spot. The popup has the coordinates in both Decimal Degrees and Degrees, Minutes, Seconds.
9. I refine as and if necessary and I have my way point for inserting into my GPS. I hope some of you find this useful. I know I do.

For more information, see: How to get GPS coordinates from a location in Google Maps – GPS Review Forums

2 responses to “How to find the latitude and longitude of a location using Google Maps

  1. please provide me the url for viewing the location name when latitudes and longitudes are given in google map

  2. You can use my script on this page:

    The latitude/longitude finder tool allows you to drag and zoom the map around (or search by street address), giving you the coordinates of the point in the center of the map.