The 2008 MacArthur Fellows – or $500,000 — No Strings Attached

Today the MacArthur Foundation

“… named 25 new MacArthur Fellows for 2008. This past week, the recipients learned in a single phone call from the Foundation that they will each receive $500,000 in “no strings attached” support over the next five years.”

I have heard of this in the past and typically associated these grants
with artists. While there are many artists included as Fellows, there
are other people from other professions, such as Will Allen (pictured here) who is an “urban Farmer transforming the cultivation, production, and delivery of healthy foods to underserved, urban populations through a novel synthesis of low-cost farming technologies”. Will, like many of the people on this list, are deserving recipients of the awards. And while there are no strings attached, I believe there doesn’t need to be, because people like Will Allen will continue to do what they do, regardless if someone gives them $500 or $500,000. But the latter amount is better, and the MacArthur Foundation is to be commended for the work they do.

Go see the list of Fellows at the link above. It is inspiring.

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