Daily Archives: September 4, 2008

Save your friends from screen addiction with…

this brilliant site: Unplug your friends, brought to you by the good folks at

P.S., now I learned about this site via Twitter…but still! 🙂

Hacking is not just for computers? IkeaHacker shows you how to hack…IKEA furniture!

ikea hacker is a great idea for a blog.. Take IKEA products we all know and love – or at the very least are very familiar with — and come up with innovative ways to change and reuse them.

Some of the ideas are very simple to do, and others will take skill, but all and all, some novel approaches are outlined here.

Now you can do something with that old Lack wall shelf stored away somewhere. And if you have your own ideas, share them with the good folks at ikea hacker.


In the rush to get out the news quickly, I found this little typo at this page (I put it in bold): From a Distance, Bush Offers Praise for McCain – NYTimes.com

“For Mr. Bush, and the extended Bush family, the speech represents a passing of the torch. The president’s parents were at the Xcel Energy Center here on Tuesday night, his wife, Laura, had a speaking role, and the White House said his brother Jeb and sister Doro would be can we confirm? there — a reminder that America’s ruling Republican dynasty is out of the family business, at least for now. The United States has had a Bush in the White House for 20 of the past 28 years; soon, the Bush clan will include two ex-presidents.”

So see: typos happen to everyone! 🙂

Sarah Palin brings reality TV to government, John Doyle explains.

John Doyle, who has written insightfully about television for many years at the Globe and Mail, has a succinct explanation for the phenonema that is Sarah Palin. Namely, this is reality-TV run amok.

As he says,

“What’s happening with the Palin story is what has happened over and over again on U.S. TV over the past 20 years. Ordinary, working-class people, sometimes startlingly inarticulate and with messy personal lives, are thrown into the TV spotlight and, by being ordinary – bartenders, truck drivers, hairdressers and janitors on Survivor or Big Brother – they are a good bet for being compelling on TV.”

And compelling TV can make a big difference in elections.

It’s a good article to read, and Doyle is worth reading on any topic.