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What are the must see films at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF)?

Well, it depends on who you ask. The Toronto Star did just this. They talked to various prominent festival goers and compiled their answers here: TheStar.com | Film Fest | TIFF’s must-see films.

Some of these will be no surprise (e.g., the new film from the Coen brothers). But others will be. Here’s a chance to start planning what to see either at the festival or in the upcoming months as these films come out for general release.

BTW, the Star has alot of good information on the Festival. Be sure to poke around their site.

Verdi Cries by Natalie Merchant/10000 Maniacs

The lovely and haunting “Verdi Cries”

Switched On Set: a great design blog

There are LOTS of good blogs dedicated to design. Switched On Set is one of them.

I love this polar bear/book shelf:

How to deal with zombies

Does this happen to you? You look out the office window just before your commute home, and you think: Dang! The parking lot is packed with zombies! What am I supposed to do again?! Well, if you have a T-shirt showing this chart, you have all the info you need!

You can get such a fantastic article of clothing here: Threadless T-Shirts – In Case Of Zombies by Olly Moss

And for more zombie T-shirt goodness, go here

The world will be destroyed by a black hole tomorrow. Not.

So, should you be making plans for the 11th, knowing this? Well, according to this article, yes, you should:

The Large Hadron Collider Will Not Destroy the World Tomorrow, or Ever | Geekdad from Wired.com

While there has been talk that the LHC could create a black hole, it is extremely unlikely. Even if they do, they will barely exist before they disappear. And no, you can’t use miniature black holes to lose that extra 10 pounds you can never seem to lose. 🙂

Go to the Geekdad article for more information. And go ahead and make that dinner reservation for Friday.

Jaw dropping photos of hurricanes from space…

can be seen here: Hurricanes, as seen from orbit – The Big Picture – Boston.com. Really really great stuff. The size of the hurricanes really comes across so well in these photos. Truly awesome.

I love The Big Picture. It could also be called The Best Picture, since it always seems to have amazing photos.

The Big Picture: Life magazine for the Internet Age.

(Tip to kottke.org, who has the best links to everything).

What’s the matter with Andrew Sullivan?

This is not so much about his blog, but about his recent output. He typically blogs at least 6 posts a day, which, compared to others, is prolific. But he only had 1 post yesterday.

I hope he is ok. I highly recommend his blog, The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan. Even when you don’t agree with him, he is always interesting, and I think he epitomizes what is best about blogging and bloggers.