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Francis Bacon and the representation of grief

Enough blogging about money. Instead, I want to point out a great post in Looking Around – Art – Architecture – TIME on a new show at the Tate Britain museum. It’s a retrospective of one of favourite artists, Francis Bacon. While it his fifth retrospective, it is apparently a great one.

But I think this one passage is an interesting one, especially in light of the attention that artists like Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst have been getting lately

“To see this many Bacons gathered together reminded me again how rare it is to see new art that attempts, much less achieves, a genuine tragic dimension. Irony you can find in any gallery these days, also low comedy, puerile cool and industrial strength enigma. But in a time that has its share of tragedy — have you noticed? — where is the art that even tries to strike an equivalent note. What we have almost no language for anymore, at least not in art, is acute pain.”

While Hirst draws on Bacon, you get no sense of any great depth of emotion that Bacon has. He has dark representations without the feeling.

Instead of “I have nothing to say and I am saying it”, it is more “I have nothing to feel and I am painting that”.

Traders have missed the revolution that has occurred in the stock market

Reading this, Markets Soar, but New Rules Upset Traders – NYTimes.com, it appears to me that the people who are complaining about what has occurred this week (e.g., restriction on short selling) have missed what has happened. Someone needs to tell them: you have messed up too badly; the rules have changed;  you are no longer in control.

And people can argue all they want for this change and that change, but after hastily making an enormous commitment to keep things alive in U.S. and global financial markets, the U.S. government likely has more important things to worry about than whether or not trading software can handle the new rules or

Some quotes:

  • “Some of my clients are literally closing their books and going on their vacation for two weeks — they can’t operate in this environment” (That might help.)
  • “turning a football game into badminton.” (Actually, its more like a bloodbath than a football game, but either way, badminton is preferable.)
  • “If you took the week off … you didn’t miss anything.” (uh…yeah, sure, pal, business as usual, things are back to normal. 🙂 )

Things may have calmed down, but going into next week, there is no more “normal”. That burned to the ground last week.

…and don’t do this either!!!

Just go see. It’s incredible. Really.

Insane skatingboarding

You don’t want to take this guy on…

…when it comes to trick basketball shots. If LeBron James can’t, you can’t either!

(tip to transbuddha.com)