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It’s the Seinfeld and Gates show!

I am not sure what I am supposed to make of these “commercials” with Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates. They are somewhere between a Seinfeld episode and that video of Bill Gates retiring.

I was surprised, but I actually laughed a number of times at this one:

First and foremost, this is funny. And that is the main point, I think. Enjoy!

Banking is tanking

Slate has a good rundown of the players in trouble in U.S. banking in this article:

Banking is tanking. – By Matthew Yeomans and Bernhard Warner – Slate Magazine

Innovation at Tata: the all electric vehicle

Yes, Apple’s new iPods in many colours are nice, but for real innovation, check out this posting on
Inhabitat about Tata’s NO MORE GAS Personal Electric Vehicle. It might look simply cute, but it can go 75 mph at a cost of $0.02 / mile. So find you what your two cents is worth and check out the article.

The real storm: the collapse of U.S. financial institutions

While there is alot of discussion regarding Gustav and Ike, the really disasters are piling up on Wall Street in downtown New York City, as this article in the Globe and Mail illustrates:

reportonbusiness.com: Field of possible Lehman buyers narrows

Like the hurricanes, there seems to be no end in sight in the near future.

A new form of tourism

I have heard of forms of tourism whereby travellers try to do good while visiting new places. But the Globe and Mail reports on a new form of tourism, whereby a

“stay at a remote country inn may not seem like an act of defiance. But as Eric Reguly reports, some of the loveliest guest houses in Sicily are former gangsters’ properties – part of a growing anti-Mafia tourism movement on the island”

See the Globe on a new form of ethical tourism here in this article, AWAY FROM THE MOB.

More on the 2008 Summer Paralympic Games

Via The Big Picture – Boston.com

As always, the Big Picture is superb.

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