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The Post It Note Reading Series

The Post It Note Reading Series is a collection of stories told on…yes, Post It Notes.
Good illustrated stories on 2X2 yellow stickies. Some of the site is NSFW, ironically, but the stories are worth seeing at some point in your day. Perhaps you will be so inspired that the next time you are trapped on a conference call, you will whip out a pack of that ingenious product from 3M and get cracking on the next Les Miserables!

Be your own prognosticator with pollster.com

Pollster.com is already one of the leading sites for polling, especially this year’s presidential election.

One thing they have in particular that I found impressive is the ability to chart your own data. Let’s take this chart here for Florida: 2008 Florida Presidential General Election: McCain vs Obama. As for today, it shows McCain 47.9 and Obama 46.4. Now, if you study political blogs like I do, you might want to exclude certain polling results from the analysis. Clicking on Tools > Filter, you could exclude all Internet polling if you felt such polling was inaccurate. (Internet polling for this sample is done by Zogby, who in some circles have a not great reputation). So you de-select Zogby.

Now the numbers shift a little to McCain 47.7 and Obama 46.3.

You could even de-select everyone but a certain poll (e.g. CNN/Time) and see what the result are with that (McCain 48.0 vs Obama 45.1).

Once you are happy with it, you can even embed the graphic on your site.

They have a number of good features on their site, but this one is getting alot of press, and alot of embedding on blogs. A good example of how to drive traffic to your site if you offer a great feature.

Cute Overload! It’s Cute! Really REALLY CUTE

I mean, this is one of the least cute pictures on the page:

If part way through the page you are not going “awwwww!”, well, you have no heart. LOL! Seriously, it has to be seen to be believed. If cute could be measured on a scale of 1-10, this site is easily 11. Go to Cute Overload! 🙂

More great moments in underperforming web sites…

…can be enjoyed by going to http://www.house.gov/

You will get a response. Eventually. Apparently the cause of the slowness is the take up of the “write your representative” functionality. With the bailout looming, it seems lots of people have been taking advantage of that. No surprise there.

The Financial Meltdown is a global problem

Besides the American banks, I have also heard of banks in the UK going under. According to Paul Krugman at the New York Times, there are also banks in Iceland going down. Glitnir Bank there has taken a massive infusion of euros from the government of Iceland in return for 75% of the bank.

I suspect we will see more along the way.

Meanwhile, tomorrow, the dead cat bounce we saw on Wall Street today should be over and plummeting prices should resume.

Good times!

What you get when you try to sign up for the Do Not Call Registry

The service is not available. Please try again later.

Heckuva job, Bell!

50 words

If twitter is microblogging, then Fifty Words is related somehow. Sam writes an entry of fiction to his tumblelog every day containing 50 words. For those of you interested in very short fiction or just pressed for time, get a taste of some good writing here

(“Fifty” image from the fine takomabibelot’s photostream at flickr)