50 words

If twitter is microblogging, then Fifty Words is related somehow. Sam writes an entry of fiction to his tumblelog every day containing 50 words. For those of you interested in very short fiction or just pressed for time, get a taste of some good writing here

(“Fifty” image from the fine takomabibelot’s photostream at flickr)

2 responses to “50 words

  1. swaggah_grl turnt up

    hahahahasah Nerd u ppl r weird Lol

    • Does your teacher know you are using the school’s computers to post stuff on blogs like this? I bet they don’t. If you are going to post from school computers, you might want to use a proxy so your school’s name doesn’t show up. Or your name, for that matter. Kthxbai. 🙂

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