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The effect of The Daily Show on the Media “Elite”

Can be seen here

The difference between “news” and “fake news” is blurring. That is not a bad thing. Some of the Estates, including the Fifth Estate, need skewing.

The keyboard you use…

…can trace its lineage to typewriters. But typewriters once came in many fascinating forms, such as this one.

You can find more cool old machines, like this Mignon 2 red typewriter at this site

Francis Bacon, Karl Lagerfeld, and the importance of living space

Francis Bacon is one of my favourite painters. One thing I have always been interested in is his studio. There’s a good article at the Guardian about how Francis Bacon’s studio reveals about his art (guardian.co.uk). For example,

“Chris Stephens, co-curator of the Tate’s major retrospective this month, remembers Bacon’s doctor once telling him that sometime in the 80s, by which time Bacon had been famous and wealthy for a good few years, he bought a flat around the corner. He wanted “to live more comfortably”, he tells me, “but he just couldn’t bear it – he just ended going back to the one room flat with a kitchen.” “

It reminded me of an article I read and posted on concerning Karl Lagerfeld

“Perhaps the most revealing index to Lagerfeld’s creative mind—to his insistence on keeping history alive even as he professes the need to forget it—was a room on the first floor at the end of a crooked hallway, which he saved for the end of his house tour. Here, Lagerfeld had reassembled his childhood bedroom, using the furniture and art that he had as a seven-year-old in Germany. Hanging on a wall just outside the bedroom was an oil painting that his mother gave to him when he was a boy, depicting Voltaire meeting Frederick the Great of Prussia: a group of eighteenth-century courtiers in velvet coats and powdered periwigs. “This is how I dreamed life should be,” Lagerfeld said. “Can you imagine—at seven?” “

Lagerfeld could have and did live grandly, but settled back into a room he had thought about as a child. Bacon was also highly influenced by his living conditions as a child. They seem to have been locked in these rooms, mentally if not physically. Perhaps locked is too strong a word; they seem to inhabit the same rooms they lived in as a child, regardless of where they physically lived.

TIME Discovers TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival)

TIME has an review of the Toronto International Film Festival. The Festival has been going on for decades and is beloved by many. Richard Corliss has an introduction to it here, Oscar Goes to Canada – TIME, but it seems to me dismissive and condescending. I did like this one good paragraph he has towards the end, where he says that

“Toronto, which used to call itself the festival of festivals, still is — a jumble of a dozen or so different programs that offer everything from high art to, in the invaluable Midnight Madness section, delirious low trash. Moviegoers thus create their own festival out of the films they want to see and can get into. (And you almost always can: stand in the returns line; be patient; it’ll happen.) It’s Lourdes for serious moviegoers, Rodeo Drive for the Hollywood set. But you needn’t see the big films to feel as important as an Academy voter. At TIFF, the audience is the real star. Standing in line for a movie from Africa or South America, you’re Brad Pitt.”

The Festival is really a number of film festivals rolled into one, and offers an exhausting array of films to see. If you love movies, you should go. And after you read the TIME review, you should read more about it. Better yet, come up and see it.