Daily Archives: September 10, 2008

The 2008 Paralympic Games are on now. Learn more here.

The nytimes.com has what appears to be pretty good coverage of the games here: Paralympic Games

Besides the articles, great photos and other information, they also have links to other sites covering the games and lots of great YouTube videos.

I wish there was more and better coverage of these games. Not to mention better support for the athletes of these games. Perhaps in time, there will be. In the meantime, check it out at nytimes.com

A most Excellent Adventure

One of the blogs on my blogroll belongs to an IBM Canada employee on assignment in Japan. While that keeps him busy, he manages to make the most of his time in Asia, and, better yet, he blogs about it here: Konnichiwa

For another who wonders what such a life would be like, or would like a Canadian’s perspective on Japan and Asia, I highly recommend his blog. It’s a great read.

How to live in a small house

I blogged before about How to build a very small house.

The nytimes.com has more on the phenomena here in this article: The Next Little Thing?

There is a simplicity associated with small houses that makes them appealing. Cost is another thing. Some of them have a nomadic aspect to them that makes them desirable, while avoiding the association with trailer homes (perhaps due to the design of them).

While they are small, they are no smaller than many one room apartments or condos that people often settle into as they get older. Yet unlike those urban dwellings, these small spaces can sit in locations with great vistas. (At least in theory.)

I think as more people buy and use these homes, we’ll see just how practical they are and how much people really like them. It should be a facinating experience. Perhaps in the future we will all become nomads.

(The highly evocative photo is by Stephanie Diani for The New York Times and accompanies the article).

How to generate white noise for sleeping and other relaxation

Geekdad has a simple hack or recipe for creating white noise. It so simple, really.

While they talk about using running water and having this for babies, you could really do it for all kinds of sounds, and not just for babies.

See: How to Hack a White Noise Generator to Help Your Baby Sleep | Geekdad from Wired.com