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Why is YouTube performing site maintainence at 10ish ET?

According to youtube, “We are currently performing site maintenance. Be cool – we’ll be back 100% in a bit.”.

Now imagine turning on your favourite channel on TV and seeing a test pattern and the words: Be cool – we’ll be back 100% in a bit.

Would you be thinking: ok. I’ll be cool. Or would you be thinking something else?

Youtube needs to do better.

Doubledecker buses in NYC

According to the nytimes, it looks like a “new behemoth double-decker bus today that will cruise city streets in a 30-day trial run”, the first time this has occurred since 1953. Not just cool looking, the new buses have lots of great new features, like the ability to run on ultra low sulfur fuel, and low floors which are great for those using wheelchairs.

New York could lead the way with these buses. Get more details here

If you need to buy new running shoes: here’s some good advice

Check out these sites for good information, such as,

  • When to buy new running shoes? Check out this link
  • For help on how to buy them, go here
  • This site has five mistakes to avoid in getting a new pair of running shoes

As for me, I think the 500 mile rule of thumb is good, but it depends on the runner. People who strike hard — as I do — many need to replace your shoes before 500 miles, while people who are very light on their feet might be ok to go past 500 miles. It also depends on your shoe. Shoes with less cushioning may have to be replaced faster than those with more.

Of course, if you are feeling pain or stiffness on older shoes, that may be all the information you need. That is happening to me now. I also look for creases in the cushioning in the heel of my shoe. Look at the shoe on the right above: you can see creasing on the heel. That’s a good sign that the cushioning is going on me.

(flickr photo from Siebuhr’s photostream)

The TTC and new technology

According the globeandmail.com:

“the Toronto Transit Commission has finally signed a $9.9-million contract with Toronto-based technology firm Grey Island Systems Inc. to try to alleviate these psychological quirks at TTC stops. The company, which owns the U.S.-based NextBus system used in more than 40 cities, collects global-positioning satellite information and forces it through a predictive algorithm that churns out expected arrival times for buses and streetcars to electronic signs at stops and stations or even to your BlackBerry or cellphone.”

I thought this part was interesting too:

” The new system may also help transform the TTC, which, to most riders, seemingly gave up trying to adhere to any sort of set schedule for its surface vehicles years ago. All of this minute-by-minute satellite tracking will lay bare, in mountains of easy-to-access data, not just how often buses and streetcars are supposed to come but how often they actually do come, down to the smallest route. It could get interesting.

“It really sheds a light,” Mr. Boychuk said. “… Your ridership will let you know if there’s a problem.” “

Interesting, indeed. If users could get access to the raw data, then the riders of the TTC could work with the TTC to come up with novel and better ways for “the better way”.

Think of it as open source transit. It certainly will be better transit.

(flickr photo from roland’s photostream)

More great music from the 1970s: Blondie’s Hangin’ On the Telephone

If Jackson Browne represents the “old” of the 70s, Blondie is the “new”. “Parallel Lines” came out the late 70s, but it is part of the beginning of the New Wave of 80s.

It’s old, but it’s good. And as Sheryl Crow covers Browne, Lily Allen remakes Blondie’s “Heart of Glass”, and Rhianna weaves Michael Jackson into “Please Don’t Stop the Music”, I think everything old is new again.

The music of Jackson Browne

Perhaps it was the combination of going for a long run tonight and then watching the trailer for Harvey Milk (a movie set in the 1970s), but I was reminded of Jackson Browne’s “Running on Empty” (I often think of it while running. 🙂 )

Naturally, it’s on YouTube, as well as his other classics, like “Doctor My Eyes” and “The Load Out / Stay”.

If “Milk” is a big hit, expect to hear alot more music from the 70s. Browne’s is some of the best. Here it is.

Also, here’s Doctor My Eyes

and The Load Out / Stay

If you poke around YouTube, you can see some other great performances, including one of him with Bruce Springsteen and another of Sheryl Crow performing a remake of “Doctor My Eyes” on David Letterman.