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You can do 100 pushups

For people who like a fitness challenge, there is always the marathon. However, if for whatever reason that doesn’t appeal to you, the folks at the site one hundred push ups have a strength challenge for you (I think you can guess).

They have a clean, straighforward site and an easy to follow program that is challenging but achievable.

They make a good case for the program too. Check it out.

P.S. Interestingly, they just tweaked the program. I think this will make it even better. C’mon! Wouldn’t you like to be able to do 100 pushups? With this site, it’s possible.

The financial crisis gets worse…

…based on this story of a $12B money market fund (Putnam Prime Money Market Fund) closing up. As the Washington Post says,

“The Putnam action is likely to increase concern among investors about the safety of investments in money-market funds, traditionally viewed as basically comparable to bank accounts. Investors pulled an estimated $80 billion from money-market funds yesterday, according to Crane Data, which tracks the industry.”

People in risker investments expect and are told to expert downturns. People with money market funds do not. As well, if money market funds are in taking a hit, no type of investment is safe.

More here.

The Ghost Map: a book on a 19th century to help us in the 21st

Not only is this book good, but there is a very good web site for it here: The Ghost Map by Steven Johnson.

It is a book of many subjects and many ideas conveyed along with a strong narrative. I’d highly recommend it, just for that.

The ideas are not idle, however: though set in 19th century London, I kept thinking about the listeria outbreak and the SARS epidemic the whole time I was reading it. I also thought of a recent comment by an expert on cancer who spoke of how our current approaches many not be right to deal with cancer. This reminded me of the experts in this book who struggle to deal with cholera without any of the ideas of disease that we have. Perhaps in 20 or more years, people will look back and see how we struggled with dealing with cancer. To them it will be a disease that is  will be as straightforward to deal with, just like we deal with cholera.

If you get an opportunity, pick up the book. At the very least, check out the web site. Either way, you’ll get lots of good ideas that will get your thinking.

Fall is all about harvest and colour

Like this:

The blog  oliveloaf design has more great photos to inspire your senses, too.