Why do people blog? Perhaps because it makes them happy

According to this article, Can Blogging Make You Happier? | World of Psychology, blogging helps you feel more connected and increases your own sense of well-being. It can also allow you to express things in a public way yet that helps get things off your chest without having to do it directly.

What goes for blogging is true for things like Facebook and even Twitter, as well as other sites (like Etsy).

Read the article, and then let me know when you set up your blog. Get happy!

(Nice photo from Joe Shlabotnik’s photostream on flickr)


3 responses to “Why do people blog? Perhaps because it makes them happy

  1. I started my blog just before Christmas last year after a friend said i should.. Its about my life and what i do but was mainly started to log my treatment through having cancer.

    I don’t “do” doom and gloom so its a jolly blog but with some useful facts too. I tend to go off on a tangent and type allsorts.. think its my age 😉 xx

  2. My wife started blogging to connect with other stay at home moms who had a passion for knitting. She was able to share her faith and family and it did her a lot of good.
    I started a business blog to my site to put opinions that showed my personality and put a face/ voice to the static pages of here is my widget and what it can do for you. It connects with people and answers a lot of questions without displaying brochure-like information. It allows me to discuss common questions or misconceptions that come up in my industry. It is a great outlet for my personal prejudices towards large corporations that are borderline unethical also.

  3. This was based on “596 college students who were mostly between ages 16 and 22 and female (71 percent)” … hmm, I am clearly not the target audience (come to think of it, neither are you Bernie), so maybe that explains why I am grumpy instead of happy whenever I blog, no? 😛

    I better write something more semi-intelligent here (if that is possible for me) … so, I do think people have different personal reasons for blogging, which is appropriate since a blog is indeed personal.

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