Before there was “Avatar”, there was “Aliens”

A.O. Scott from the has a great review of ‘Aliens’ and what makes it great. I think it is a great film in itself, and if you loved “Avatar”, you should watch or rewatch ‘Aliens’ to see how the two play off of each other. For that matter, watching this clip, I was reminded how much the cinematography reminded me of “Blade Runner”. That in itself is interesting, since the director of that film, Ridley Scott,  also directed the first “Alien”.

In this part of the world it is going to be cool and rainy these next few weeks. Perfect weather to watch all three of those films!

2 responses to “Before there was “Avatar”, there was “Aliens”

  1. I love both Aliens and Blade Runner … got the Alien boxset on DVD and Blade Runner in Bluray.

    • smartpeopleiknow

      Wow! I am jealous! That is the way to see them. I saw the 3rd edition of Blade Runner (the extended director’s cut) recently in theatres….I’d like to see that again. Years ago I used to live near the Bloor Cinema and they used to play Blade Runner on many a Saturday night…..if I had nothing to do, I’d wander up and watch it…it was great to have a theatre dedicated practically to Blade Runner. It’s my favourite film.

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