Back to the future with the CBC Radio iPhone App

I was excited last night to try out the CBC (Canadian Broadcast Corporation – The Canadian version of the BBC) Radio iPhone App last night for a few reasons: it is free, it has a nice user interface, and it provides access to a wide radio of programs on CBC. I especially like the jazz and classical music on Radio 2, not to mention the indie pop on radio 3. It was all excellent. But the other thing I liked about it, the back to the future part, was that I was able to lie in bed and listen to the “radio”, just like I did when I was a kid. Now it is a iPod instead of a transitor radio that I had turned low so my parents couldn’t hear, but the joy of listening to late night music is still the same.

For more on this great app — and it is not just limited to Canadians — you can go here: – CBC Mobile Services – iPhone. And if you like other forms of music, or very intelligent talk radio, I highly recommend this.

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