My Faith My Voice – Muslims in America

To me this video should not even have to be made, but given that some people have poor, preconceived notions about Muslims, I hope this video can go some way to dispel fear and prejudice.

Via YouTube – My Faith My Voice PSA

13 responses to “My Faith My Voice – Muslims in America

  1. smartpeopleiknow

    The one thing I find….disappointing …about this video is that all the women have their head covered. I am sure there are lots of Muslim women in America and elsewhere who do NOT cover their head. (This was certainly the case in Istanbul when I was there, and I think it is safe to assume that most of those women were Muslim.).

  2. Regarding your reply about hijab. I think it was an important factor that the women and girls wore hijab. The hijab has been an identifying marker on the “voice of Muslims”. Its easy to spokt a Muslim in a crowd when they wear hijab. Women who cover are at the forefront of bigotry, not the men who hide behind their women in hijab, by wearing Western style clothing, or shaved beards… After 9/11 women were targets because of the scarf, so I thought it was a great idea to have the ladies cover, there is no ambiguity on who was Muslim (unlike your experience in Turkey where the thought may be…are they?…or aren’t they?).

    • smartpeopleiknow

      Good comment. Thanks for replying.

      As for my limited experience, the women I know who are Muslim do not wear the hijab but are no less Muslim than the women who do wear it. And I would think they are no less Muslim because of that. Likewise, when I was in Istanbul, women wore a wide variety of dress from burqa to bikinis, practically. Istanbul is one of the great cities of the world, and one of the things that makes it great is the expressiveness of the women who live there.

  3. smartpeopleiknow

    I should add that outside the tourist areas of Istanbul, I assumed all women were Muslim.

  4. I live in Belgium, and i know one thing for sure…
    Muslims are destroying our modern society.. Im talking about the extremistic and fundamentalistic part. A part that is easly more then 50% of the european muslims.
    The koran was written in the 1100 after christ!!!
    It is the only “modern” religion that sais that if your not muslim youre a bloody infidel and you must die.
    So do not convince us non-muslims, convince the fundamentalistic part to stop the stoning of womens, public executions(where 10yo children are watching and cheering)…etc
    Then you will have our respect, and have a good image

    • smartpeopleiknow

      Well normally I would not publish a comment like this or reply to it, since it seems trollish, and I don’t have time for trolls. I will assume for now you are not a troll and make a brieft reply to a few of your points.

      There are a billion Muslims in the world, all over the world. To say they are destroying modern society is ridiculous. If anything, they are contributing as much to modern society as others of different faiths, be their contributions great or small.

      The notion that 50% of European Muslims are extremist is also absurd. Again, like people of other faiths, the exceptional worst stand out and set a bad example for the rest. It would be the same as saying Roman Catholics support child abuse because of the action of some of their clergy.

      All people of faith – and those of no faith – deserve each others respect and trust and understanding. Likewise, no group should suffer abuse or disrespect from others.

      Finally, I agree with you on the point that fundamentalism and the violence it supports must be stopped. Anyone who calls for the death of another is a criminal and should be treated as one.

  5. Thanks for your message. Utrecht, The Netherlands.

  6. Muslimwoman1979

    I agree with “smartpeopleIknow” and wanted to leave a similar comment about the lack of women not wearing hijab in the PSA. I am a Muslim-American woman who does not wear hijab, nor do 95% of the hundreds of Muslim friends I have. This does not make us any less Muslim, nor does it make us less frightened or hurt by Islamaphobia than sisters who do cover. If we want to show people that Muslims are not just one monolithic entity, we might start by showing that there are women who do not cover their head. My guess would be the split in America is at least 50/50 (hijab/no hijab) and is similar in other Muslim countries, e.g. Turkey, Pakistan, Malaysia etc.

  7. Hi,
    I visited your site because an interfaith website in the Netherlands, called “Kerknieuws” – meaning Church News – from the interfaith broadcasting organisation IKON, publised your video.
    At the moment there is a lot of rumour in politics in the Netherlands because of f0rming a cabinet after the elections in june 2010.
    The liberals and christian democrats wants to form a government with the support of the party of Geert Wilders movement PVV. (Party for freedom), They have 76 seats in parliament, (total 150 seats).
    Wilders will not take part of the government, but will only support it. This is never seen in our country. The negotiations about forming the new government take place at this moment .
    His main issue is ‘islam’, and he called it an “ideologie”, not “faith”, which
    in his opinion doesn’t belong in the Netherlands because of the country’s tradition of jewish-christian-humanistic origin.
    His program has issues as : stop immigration, stop educaton and financial support of moslim schools. This is against our constitution.
    That is also the why a lot of christians in the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) party and others , protest that he may support, not as a member, a new Government, and that this party is in negotiation with him.
    There is a lot of protest , for example from Ruud Lubbers in the past president of the UNCHR. This protest may be will split the CDA, one party formed in the past bij old party’s of roman-catholics, and left- en right-wing protestants.
    The liberal and christian negotiators make an agreement with Wilders, which include to disagree with him on his speaking about islam.
    In my opinion this is a disgrace for our country and also for me as a ‘believer’ and lover of inter-human relations and standing in the tradition of equal fundamentel human-rights for all people by UN-treaty.
    His opion is also – in my opinion is also in conflict with the tradition of faith in Jesus based on the Mosaic words in the tradition of Abraham, Isaac , Jacob, Mohammed and all the one’s who said “Love your selve as you do one another.”
    Wilders who must meet Court because of his hate-speaches , has announced that he will be in New York at 9/11 2010. He said, that he will speak there.
    I hope that Americans then will neglet or protest against his words ,or will ask for justice based on the USA-laws of hate-crimes – if possible – when he speaks out again his hatred words towards Islam and towards the ones who believe in equal rights for everyone.
    I hope that the mentallity and belief in human rights for everyone and Love and Peace still will conquer. This hate spreading has never been seen in the Netherlands since the 30’s and Shoah during WO-II.
    Please support the Dutch people who still have believe and work for peace for all.
    Peace and Love to all !

    • Thanks, Jan. I will pass this on.

      I would add that while Canada has hate crime laws, the United States does not. So he cannot be prosecuted for any anti-Muslim speeches that he may make there, though of course there may be demonstrations against him.

      I suspect alot of this is related to the insecurity people have with regards to the economy and the state of the world as it is right now. With improvemens there, I am also hopeful that people will fear less and be more open and understanding towards people they don’t know enough about.

  8. Thank you for the video.
    It worries me that Muslims do not speak out against the terrorist activity around the world, or even in their own backyard.
    You are a beginning.
    The more you speak out against violence the more people will hear it.

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