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It’s a new year. You need new desktop wallpaper for your computer

If you feel stuck, just a small change in your environment can make a difference in freeing you up mentally. Changing your desktop wallpaper is just such a change.

If you agree, I recommend you go to Design Milk and see what they have to offer in wallpapers. Each month they have a designer publish a new image for you to download and out upon your background. Needless to say, they are very well done.

Maybe new wallpaper won’t inspire you to do great things in 2023. But it can’t hurt! Give it a shot.

Marketers! Here’s a way to get extremely valuable ad space for next to nothing

How? Use this idea from this great food blog, Chocolate & Zucchini. What Caroline Mignot has done is create attractive monthly calendars for people to use as their desktop background.

Think about this: what is the one thing people stare at up to 40 hours a week or longer? That’s right: their computer! Most people have not so great backgrounds. Make them an attractive one with some message you want to communicate and you will have them thinking about it all the time.