The “real” map of the United States

Paul Krugman posted an interesting map today. It’s this:

I think this resizing is important. In elections, what is more important than geographical size is the number of electoral votes. This map reflects the votes, and it reflects Obama’s victory. For more info, see the post: The decadent left, in its enclaves on the coasts – Paul Krugman – Op-Ed Columnist – New York Times Blog

One response to “The “real” map of the United States

  1. Hey Bernie – I’ve seen the similar pics first in Aaron Kim’s patterns/anti-patterns preso and then in Don Tapscott’s “grown up digital” book (thanks to Sacha Chua) from I love showing data this way. As I have been a bit out of the loop on airplanes and such, I’ve not seen Krugman’s column, so thanks for sharing. This is a GREAT perspective on the US election. Jen