Daily Archives: November 19, 2008

Feast for the eyes! Life photos archive hosted by Google

You can see it here: LIFE photo archive hosted by Google. (Thanks to kottke.org for the notice!)

What’s a good wine for the (recessionary) times?

It could be this:

The blog, A CUP OF JO has a few details, but I would like to get some more.
Great marketing, regardless of how good the wine is! đŸ™‚

Think that free financial advice that you are getting is truly free?

You might want to think again. There are lots of ways that the real cost of the advice is hidden from you. For examples of how you can get tripped up, and what you should ask about, check out this post:

Ask the Mole: Beware of free financial advice – Nov. 19, 2008

(Very appropriate remake of the U.S. dollar from Simon Davison’s photostream on flickr)

Alexander McQueen and Target

When talking about Comme des Garcons at H&M, I joked that Alexander McQueen should be up next. Well, according to the blog, The New York MiNute by MiN.com, it looks like McQueen will be coming to Target instead. Check out that blog for lots of details.