Daily Archives: November 15, 2008

In France they kiss on Main Street

I think this is a great blog: A CUP OF JO

Among the many great things on the blog is this photo:

Which made me thing of this song:

With Web 2.0, everyone is a historian

I accidentally came across this photostream on flickr tonight: World War II. The person who posted it said that it is a…

“collection (that) belonged to my grandfather, Arthur John Strenge, who documented his experiences while serving in the United States Marine Corps from 1944 through 1946. His service took him from working as a combat engineer with the Second Marines at Betio atoll – Tarawa, through the landings at Saipan, Iwo Jima, Okinawa and finally to Nagasaki with the 28th Pioneer Battalion immediately following the atomic bomb drop.”

When the World Wide Web started, it was striking to see any historical photos online. Gradually, institutions started posting photos and other historical artifacts. With Web 2.0 we have an opportunity for people outside of institutions to post material for others to see. If this were to take off, it would be an incredible archive. Web 2.0 could bring on History 2.0. I’m looking forward to it.

(This is from the photostream of Nagasaki’s Valley of Death.)

How to Christmas shop this year, or, more on art interiors’s great “Festival of Smalls”

Ok. Christmas is coming. You need gift ideas. Start here. For as little as $25 (!!), you can get someone a fantastic gift and support Canadian artists (and a fine Canadian art gallery). For example, there is a  work, by Lori Doody of a purse…only $25.

Or work by my friend and very talented artist, Rebecca Cowan of lips…a perfect gift for someone you love. $100 (What’s $100 for someone you love?)

And Kelly Grace is also represented here. I have a piece by her on my wall….it’s highly evocative and I wouldn’t part with it for anything.

Finally, there is the artist, Emily Bickell, that I really love for her semi-abstract work in the $200 range.

And this is a small sample of the great work at art interiors. You really should check out their site.
BTW, when you do go to the site and look for this work, you will see some of it is SOLD. So! I recommend you get over there and buy the works you love online before it is too late. And if by chance you can get to the gallery, I highly recommend you do so. You can go, buy some art, then pop downstairs at Starbucks and have a gingerbread latte and enjoy your new purchase.

It is Christmas shopping at it’s finest. 🙂

How Obama continues to change things

Of all the advice given to President-Elect Obama recently, one that struck me was that he should revisit the weekly radio address and give it in a more informal manner. While I don’t have anything against the radio, I thought he was more likely to gravitate towards the new media. Sure enough, we have this:

And even while I watched this and thought, “cool”, in the back of my mind I could imagine him chuckling and saying, “you ain’t seen nothing yet!”.

How school is different now

When I went to school, we would write assignments with pen and double spacing was the instruction.

Now my daughter does assignments on my laptop and the instruction is about proper font size. 🙂

Comme des Garcons for H&M Collection

Value fashionistas: rejoice! COMME des GARCONS has come to H&M. Rei Kawakubo’s innovative work has never been so affordable. So get to your local H&M and snap it up before it is too late.

H&M is to be commended for bringing the work of such designers as Lagerfeld and Kawakubo to everyone. Perhaps they can get Alexander McQueen up next.

(Image from Ask Men…they have more on the collection there).