Daily Archives: November 6, 2008


There are lots of cool images of Barack Obama out there. This may be the coolest (at least to my geeky heart. 🙂 )

It’s the microscopic version of Obama. Very high tech. Go see the images here and see how it is done:

nanobamas – a set on Flickr

The “real” map of the United States

Paul Krugman posted an interesting map today. It’s this:

I think this resizing is important. In elections, what is more important than geographical size is the number of electoral votes. This map reflects the votes, and it reflects Obama’s victory. For more info, see the post: The decadent left, in its enclaves on the coasts – Paul Krugman – Op-Ed Columnist – New York Times Blog

Know It…

On a day like today, oliveloaf design has just the images you want, so check it out. Images like this:

Know hope….