Daily Archives: November 4, 2008

My fearless prediction for the U.S. presidential election…

…was made in June, 2008. You can see it here.

I think it is a long shot, but not impossible. The 1964 election was a big event. So is this one.

How to fight off zombies

Here at SmartPeopleIKnow, we …ok…I like to keep you up to date on how to best deal with zombies. Luckily, there is an entire site dedicated to fighting off that scourge. It’s the Zombie Combat Club, featuring combat techniques, weapons, and strategies to fight the living dead.

Did you know?

“During a zombie outbreak, 98% of individuals will have to kill an undead ghoul without the use of a firearm.”

I didn’t know that either. See? You need to check this out out ASAP.

The awesomeness of foldschool

No, not “old school”….foldschool. As their about page states,

“foldschool is a collection of free cardboard furniture for kids, handmade by you. The downloadable patterns can be printed out with any printer. Follow the instructions and assemble a stable piece of furniture.”

How awesome is that? You get to do something creative with your kids and you get to recycle. And if cardboard furniture is good enough for Frank Gehry, it’s good enough for me. 🙂

The designs are free, but they do accept Paypal. After having a blast making this stuff, consider sending them some paper (money) in return.

(Thanks to the always great GeekDad blog….which, by the way, is not just for dads…..moms, uncles, aunts…all are welcome. It does help to be a geek and a dad, but it isn’t essential.)

Sentenc.es – A Disciplined Way To Deal With Email

For each of these four sites Sentenc.es two, three, four and five,  the idea is the same: cut down on the number of sentences you use in email.

It’s not as hard as you think.

State your request in one sentence, provide some background in one or two sentences if necessary, and close the email politely in one more sentence.

People will appreciate it.

All told in five.sentenc.es 🙂